Terrific Terrific Terrific!

“Cut that down to one ‘terrific’ and it will do very nicely,” said Charlotte.  
“I think ‘terrific’ might impress Zukerman.”

Charlotte’s Web has always been one of my very favorite books.  I still have the copy I purchased at the Bookfair when I was in elementary school.  It is well worn and loved.  My mother covered it in clear contact paper long ago to keep it from falling apart.  When I first saw this weeks theme for the CAS-ual Fridays Challenge I wasn’t sure what book I would possibly base a card on, and then I remembered Charlotte & Wilber.  So I went about making my card today, not even thinking to re-read the challenge post.  And now I realize that the challenge was to base a card on a book and use only black, white & red as the colors as well.  Oh well, so much for following the rules!  But I liked my card so I am sharing it anyway.

I love that little pink pig.  I think maybe that is how Wilber looked after Mrs. Zukerman gave him a buttermilk bath before going to the fair.  He was the “cleanest, prettiest pig you ever saw” after all. 🙂

I doubt I will try to remake my Charlotte’s Web card in the correct color scheme for the CAS-ual Friday Challenge because I like it just the way it is.  And I have a full week of projects to get done ahead of me as well.  I’m looking forward to the Lawnscapings Blog Hop this Friday (9/9) and there just might be something else fun and exciting coming this weekend as well, you will all just have to stay tuned and see! But I do hope you join in the fun for Friday’s blog hop.


13 thoughts on “Terrific Terrific Terrific!”

  1. Rules are SOOOO over rated anyway! I absolutely love this. So much! Its so fun & Charlottes Web HAS to be one of the best books of all time!! I can't wait until my daughter sits still long enough to read it together :). Terrific x3!

  2. This is so cute. i LOVE it! I read the book to my kids when they were younger and just a few days ago my daugther age 7,started reading it on her own (the read-aloud edition). So glad you are sharing it. I didn't read a challenge carefully a few CAS-Fridays back but I too decided to link it up anyway.


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