Christmas Countdown: Day 8 – Holiday Candle Jars

On the eighth day of Christmas… I have a video to share!

So this is a super easy project, you can even do it with your kids.  It’s a project my Mom and I have been doing for years.  I tried something a little different with my video this time.  I did my talking while I was filming rather than doing a voice over and I only sped up one part.  Enjoy!

And here is a picture of the finished jars.

I did add some stickles to the bird jar, red stickles on the berries on the
branches and some yellow stickles on the beaks and feet of the birds.  Once
everything was dry the beaks and feet of the birds sort of disappeared
so the yellow stickles helped them stand out better.  As long as you
don’t cover an image with opaque glitter then some little accents like
this works fine.

Like I mentioned in the video, colored tissue paper works fabulously for this project too if you want more of an abstract look without an image.  And great for kids to make too.  If I get a tissue paper one finished before Christmas I will be sure to share a photo.  This project can be used for any holiday or just everyday candle holders as well.

Now for today’s Christmas songs quiz questions…

15. Where does one go a wassailing?

16. What color is Christmas without you?

Answers from yesterday.
13.  What was the other reindeer’s name? (she used to laugh and call him names) Olive the other reindeer, used to laugh and call him names.
14.  What was the horse in Jingle Bells name?  Bells on Bob-tail ring, so his name was Bob

I hope you all enjoyed this project and will give it a try! Thanks for stopping in today!!!

Holiday Beverage Napkin
Recycled glass jar
Mod Podge
Martha Stewart Crystal Course Glitter
Ribbons & trimmings to decorate the top

3 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown: Day 8 – Holiday Candle Jars”

  1. FINALLY got to watch this! LOVE it. I made some with tissue paper a few years ago, but this napkin idea is brilliant! And the glitter mod podge is amazing. I checked and I just have the gold shimmer kind, so I will be picking some up on my next trip to a craft store :o)

  2. What an amazing and cute project! I saw the video the other day and I was looking for some cute napkings… but I didn't find cute Christmas napkings like you! I'll keep searching!


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