Quick Watercolor Cards


Today I have a quick tutorial showing how to make some simple watercolor cards.  These are very easy and do not take a lot of supplies.  It would be easy to make a big batch of them to keep on hand.

First cut down a 8.5″x11″ piece of card stock in the color of your choice into 3 inch widths and scored them down the middle creating three 3″x4.25″ top folding cards.

Next cut pieces of watercolor paper into 2″x3.25″ panels.  I used a rectangular craft die to do this but you can use a paper trimmer to create these as well.

Cover each watercolor paper panel in a layer of water then apply watercolors to get the look you desire.    I used blues and purples for my background.

You can set them aside to dry on their own or you can use a heat tool to speed the process along, I used a heat tool on my panels.  Once the watercolor is dry stamp the sentiment.  I used a sentiment from the October Studio Calico card kit The Underground. I stamped my sentiment using Versafine ink which is an oil based ink so there is no chance of it reacting to any moister that might remain on the paper.

Next take another piece of watercolor paper and repeat the same process using the colors you want for the die cut pieces.  I went with warm tones to contrast the cooler colors of the background panels.

Once this watercolored piece is dry die cut your embellishments.  I used the feather craft die from The Underground card kit for my cards.

Finally assemble the cards.  I used a glue pen to adhere the delicate feather shapes to the panel and a dry adhesive to adhere the panels to the card bases.

And now you have a set of thank you cards.  It would be easy to mass produce a bunch of these to keep on hand or to bundle up and give as a gift.

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