Poshta Design Autumn 2023 Release: Sewing Kit Essentials

Hi Friends!

Today is the last day for Poshta Design Autumn Release introductions! Today is all about everyday Sewing Essentials with a Needle Book, Scissor Keeper, Floss Drop, and Thread Bobbin.

I used the Scenic Route Color Story to create my Needle Book (die retails for $50) and Scissor Keeper (die retails for $32). I added a monogram C using the Monogram Alphabet and Inline Monogram Alphabet.

There are dies to create some stitching details and designs on the front of the needle book or scissor keeper but I dug into my stash and found these little leaves, part of the Gathered Garden set. I wanted to share that there are lots of other options to decorate you just have to look back at your stash.

I added both of the pockets to the inside of the needle book, you can add one, two, or none. I like that there are choices.

You can also add one or two needle channels as well since there are dies that cut holes for both options.

Next up is the Scissor Keeper. I changed the colors around but used the same design with a monogram C and the leaves. I love that these two together match and create a really cute set. This would be a great homemade gift.

I opted to add the magnet closure to my scissor keeper. I did stitch the circle that holds the magnet on the outside making it a feature of the design rather than hiding it inside.

Finally, there is a new floss drop die which I think will be great in all my stitching projects. For this introduction, I used the Scenic Route floss colors and cut them to store on the Floss drops. I also cut a small circle of the matching felt using the die and added that to the drop with a little glue. I think there is a lot you could do with these depending on how you want to organize your supplies.  I might add the felt color name to them as well so I know what colors match.  I also think it would be great to die-cut these from colored cardstock and organize floss that matches the cardstock to be used for paper stitching projects.

All of the new Poshta Design products will be available on August 19 at Noon ET.

I have really enjoyed sharing what I created with these new dies this week. Thanks so much for stopping by today!



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