Christmas Countdown: Day 6 – Mistletoe Owls

One the sixth day of Christmas – the little owl friends are back!

I did put my littles owls away for awhile, but my friend who asked me to make an owl anniversary card a couple months back asked me to make her a Christmas card too.  It’s about time I brought them back out anyway. 🙂

The sentiment continues on the inside to read “You are Whoo… I want to KISS under the mistletoe.”  I mirror stamped one of them so they would be facing each other under the mistletoe, ready for a little smooch! 🙂

Now for today’s Christmas songs quiz questions…
11.  Where do the hopes and fears of the years meet?    (a little tricky)
12.  What would keep me warm all the way home?
Answers from yesterday…
9. Who still wants a hula hoop?  Alvin the Chipmunk of course
10. Who kept time to the drum? (hint: with the little drummer boy)  the ox and lamb kept time


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