We’re Off to See the Wizard…

 …The Wonderful Wizard of OZ!
Okay I didn’t actually get to see the Wizard, but I did see the Wonderfully Wizardly Wedding of two friends in the Land of Oz. (and yes that is exactly what the sign at the ceremony said).  We arrived early because Hubby was officiating.  So we had some time to walk around the grounds and explore.  The park does not keep all of their decorations out year round, but they do go all out one weekend a year when they have their Autumn in Oz event.  Then all the characters and decorations come out and the place is more alive.  I think I would like to come back some Autumn and experience that first hand.  But for now, here are some pictures from today’s little adventure as well as the special Oz themed card I made for the happy couple.

Dorothy’s Farm

The barn in the back houses a Wizard of Oz museum room.  It was filled with Oz artifacts including merchandise, actual costume pieces from the movie, copies of many Oz books and albums of photographs from when the park was a popular destination.  We learned that it was one of the hottest destinations on the East Coast back in it’s day and many celebrities came to visit. When you go in Dorothy’s house, you walk to the back and down into the basement.  Through a dark room that ramps it’s way down even more and is painted on the walls as if you were in the twister, including sound effects.  Down another dark hallway and then you come out in the house after it has landed in Oz…in quiet a disarray.  The house itself is built wonky with uneven floors and walls so you almost have to hold on to something as you walk through.  (They also had decorations used for the park stored in here, so there were many buckets of giant flowers and mushrooms and such scattered about)

Dorothy’s House after it lands in Oz from the tornado

Wicked Witch (smoosh)
The beginning of the Yellow Brick Road

Follow the Yellow Brick Road
One of many trees with faces

Wicked Witch’s Castle

The Gates of Oz

The Cake

My hubby Matt waiting in his
place for the wedding to begin

Here Comes the Bride!
(in her ruby slippers you can’t see)

And as promised I wore my “ruby slippers” so I would be sure to make it home to share this very cool experience with you all.  Although after all the walking on the very hilly walkways I do have a blister now.

My “ruby slippers” on the Yellow Brick Road

7 thoughts on “We’re Off to See the Wizard…”

  1. What a cool destination! I've never heard of it, and The Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie of all time! So neat to see your pictures. Thanks for sharing them. And you wore the PERFECT shoes to the wedding! Love it!

    What a beautiful card, too. I love that quote.

  2. OHHHH! I have never heard of this place–so fun!!! I love the red ruby slippers…and I LOOOOOOOVE everything about the Wizard of OZ (I was Dorothy in The Wiz production). LOVE LOVE LOVE:) Your card is super fabulous–those poppies really POP!

  3. Just found your blog, and couldn't resist this post. My Mom and I go to Autumn at Oz every year, since she used to take me there as a child when it was a theme park. Simply LOVE your card. I have my quest room decorated in an Oz theme … think I need to lift your idea for a nice wall addition!;)


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