Summer CHA Share

Hi friends! No card today, but I thought I would pop in and share a few more photos from CHA.

Me and Britta posing by the cozy fire after a long day of setting up.

This is all of us after a full day of setting up the booth, it still looks like a mess but all those boxes and bags went home with us…and yes that did make for a very cramped car ride 🙂

Me and Nancy waiting to leave after set up day…we had the task of organizing all the stuff on the walls in the frames…I think we did a pretty awesome job, we are a good team!

This was that cramped car ride I was talking about.  We had to make a few stops on the way back to the house too so Nancy & I stayed in the car with that body bag…I mean Christmas Tree in our laps.  Needless to say we got some funny looks sitting in a car with the engine running and that squishing us in the backseat while the others went into Micheal’s too pick up some needed items.

Fun Day 1 pic with Danielle, Britta & Stephanie in the big Polaroid. I think cropped down this one is perfect for the scrapbook that I don’t have…HA! So glad Danielle and Steph came by multiples times while they were there to see us. 🙂

Heading out for Day 2, and look we are still smiling after all those days of hard work (or it might have been delirium at this point)

I Love this picture with Nancy & Britta, we are tired but happy to be there. 🙂 Like our little gingerbread pins??? That was Day one’s make & take project.  Nancy and I had fun coming up with different ones for our make & take examples. Way better than making a million pinwheels! Okay, okay not a million but it felt that way.

Last day just before starting to take the booth down, Happy Fawnie Team! 🙂

Me and Britta acting silly while waiting for Mike to bring the car around. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, hopefully I will have some more crafty projects to share soon.

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  1. Great pics! It looks that you have a fun time at CHA! I know it was exhausting too but surrounded by all those amazing and sweet people and all the LF cuteness… Oh I'm really jealous! You made an amazing work with the booth, i'm totally in love with every detail on it 🙂


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