Picture Perfect Fluffy Flowers

I’m back, I know, twice in one day… sheesh!  But I haven’t been very good about blogging my creations this past week.  I wanted to share two cards I made over the weekend that use some new crafting goodies.  First off I decided to try my rolled roses die with felt which rolled up beautifully!  Easier to roll than paper and so full and fluffy.  I will be doing this again.  I also just got the envelope background stamp from Hero Arts and I am in love! So just a warning, you might be seeing a lot of it.  It’s perfect for creating a background that doesn’t overpower the other elements.

I love those big leafy branches from Lawn Fawn’s Blissful Botanicals.  Often I try to sketch my ideas out before starting a project.  It’s just the perfectionist in me I think.  So I was sitting at work drafting away the other day and an idea just popped into my head, so I quickly sketched it out and stuffed it in my purse to bring home.

I think this is one of my favorite cards.  Weird thing is it actually started out with the idea to make the “picture perfect” pattern with the two colors to make the sentiment stand out.  Strange how things come about.  But I finally used the polaroid camera…yay me!  Okay I leave you today with some Penny love.

She likes to sleep in her beanbag on the floor beside my desk when I am crafting, but lately she has taken to sleeping in another one of her favorite spots, on top of the couch cushions.  It totally messes up the cushions for us humans to sit there but it is rather cute that she does it.  And here we are reading all your lovely blogs the other day.  Sometimes she won’t let me do anything on the computer without being right in the middle of it.  Like right now, she is whining at my feet wanting attention.  So I better go.  Thanks for stopping by today (a second time).

7 thoughts on “Picture Perfect Fluffy Flowers”

  1. Chari, your cards are fabulous! I am in love with those felt flowers! They're so pretty! And that polaroid card is just a work of art! I'm amazed at your sketching abilities. The card came out nearly exactly how you drew it! And I love the negative strips. How'd you do those?

    Penny is the cutest thing ever, and you're beautiful! So glad I stopped by today. It totally lifted my spirits.

  2. Great job on the cards. That's too cute about Penny. My German Shephard, Macy, is the same way. She lays at my feet when I am scrapbooking and will usually come in with a squeaky toy to try to get my attention if she feels she isn't getting enough of it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Loving your sketch for your polaroid card! Totally genius. And again, I just *love* that you include a coordinating envelope. You have way more forethought than I do and I love it!

  4. LOVE the floral card – beautiful and cheery! I giggled about your Polaroid card sketch – I DO THAT TOO. You never know when an idea will strike you so you have to jot it down LOL! That card is fabulous too! And last but not least, Penny is so darn cute! I don't have dogs – I have kitties and they always have to be by me, at my feet or in my craft room – entryway sleepers are welcome, but they can't come in LOL!


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