One Little Word for the New Year

2010 is behind us and it is time to move on into 2011 with the hope better things to come.  I was recently introduced to the One Little Word concept through a Lawn Fawn facebook post.  Basically you choose one word to be your word to focus on for the new year.  I thought I would give the idea a try and I was torn between a couple different words to choose as my word for 2011, but finally settled on ADVENTURE! know that 2011 holds some big changes in my life, like getting married…yay! 🙂 and I wanted to continue to remind myself to focus on the fun and exciting parts of those big changes!  I also want to focus on trying new things in the coming year.  Nothing too daring, but just a change in the same old routine, so I think my word will help me along the way.  You can read about the One Little Word concept at the link posted below.  What would you word for 2011 be?

2 thoughts on “One Little Word for the New Year”

  1. "Adventure" sounds like the perfect word for all you've got going on this year! Wow, lots of changes for you. It sounds so exciting!

    My word for 2011 is "health." I want to make healthy life choices this year, in every area of my life, from food and fitness to focusing on the positive and living out my dreams.


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