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Today I have a little product review for you.  My Favorite Things was kind enough to send me some of their stencils to play with and try out.  I tried them out with a few different techniques to share with you.

I do like that these stencils come in a 6×6 square size, this way you can turn the pattern in any orientation you like on a card front and you aren’t restricted by the size of the stencil.  The other thing I like about these stencils is that they name of the pattern is carved into the bottom part of the stencil. Even if you loose the packaging you names of the patterns will never be lost.

My favorite technique with stencils is using embossing paste, so naturally that was the first thing I tried.  I used gold embossing paste on a pattern paper with the Petal Pattern stencil.  The stencils work great with this technique, the material is stiff enough to stay in place when scrapping the paste over top of the pattern.

I also tried out a product that is new to me which is this colored modeling paste.  I was very easy to mask off the part of the Concentric Circles pattern I did not want transfer.

Next I tried sponging pigment ink through the stencil. The Mini Chicken Wire stencil has very fine detail but worked wonderfully with this technique.  I also tried this same stencil with spray mists and found that it did work but did not leave a nice crisp edge to the pattern.  I feel that this is more a result of the spray medium rather than a characteristic of the stencil.

Here are a few more panels I used mists on while experimenting.  I used the Small Checkerboard and Scatterd Bars stencils for these panels. The mists create more of a messy look that I typically create but the do have a cool effect and the patterns I used are still very distinguishable with little bleeding under the stencil.

I also like the thickness of these stencils, they are thin enough that you can easily blend ink with a blending tool or sponge it and still get the intricate details and corners of the pattern which can sometimes be a problem with thicker stencils.

Overall I feel these are high quality stencils and there is a great selection of patterns and styles. As you can see I tried out a variety of patterns and although I feel some designs worked better with certain techniques I feel that is more a result of the intricacies of the designs rather than the quality of the product. You can check out the entire line of My Favorite Things stencils HERE on their website. I think they have a nice variety of designs that will fit any style.

Later this week I will share some cards I created using some of these stenciled pieces I made while experimenting. Thanks for stopping by today!

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